Evin Jewelry is an online jewelry shop that provides fine crafted 925 Silver or 1000 Silver jewelry.

Evin Jewelry’s story begins in the cultured and centuries-old city of Mardin (Mêrdîn), when brand owner, Evin Baysal first received her silver necklace gift from her grandmother at age of 6. Since then, Evin`s great love of jewelry continued with her ancient family traditions of jewelry. Evin has grown up with this culture and today is willing to bring Quality and Craftsmanship to your doorsteps at her Online Shop, Evin Jewelry. This family tradition of hand & love made jewelry is crafted in Mesopotamia and is introduced to you from California, US with Love.


Inspired by the Mesopotamian ancient culture, stories, and mythology with a modern touch.

Hand Made

Thousand years of experience in craftsmanship. Based on the designs, different art techniques are used on the craftsmanship such as filigree, hammered, etc.


  • Free of lead and nickel.
  • Safe for sensitive skin.
  • 925 sterling silver or 1000 silver bases in all products with real Gold plating, Rose Gold plating, Rhodium plating, Oxide plating. Depending on the design, sometimes multiple plating methods are used on our jewelry.
  • Evin Jewelry only uses precious gemstones such as; Garnet, Quartz, Zircon, Sapphire, Turquoise, Red Coral, Mother of Pearl.

Sustainable and Caring Future

Evin Jewelry creates Ethical & High-Quality products that supporting Sustainable Fashion at all levels of its business model. Evin Jewelry products can be used long and can be handed over to friends, relatives over time -through good care-.

Evin Jewelry sources packaging and products responsibly.

Evin Jewelry aims to support Women in all areas by hiring and working with Women Leaders in all stages of its production stages and services.

Evin Jewelry supports Assyrian people, an ethnic group indigenous to Mesopotamia and Middle East by using Assyrian craftsmanship and work in its Jewelry pieces. Evin Jewelry is hiring and working with Assyrians in the region of Mesopotamia to provide sustainable culture growth and income source.

About Telkari

Archaeological finds in ancient Mesopotamia indicate that filigree was incorporated into jewelry since 3,000 BC. Specific to the city of Midyat in Mardin Province in upper Mesopotamia, a form of filigree using silver and gold wires, known as "telkari", was developed in the 15th Century. Telkari means (tel-wire, kâri-work) wire-workmanship in Kurdish. To this day, expert craftsmen in this region continue to produce fine pieces of telkari.