Evin Jewelry
Evin Means Love. Bringing Love to Your Smile.
Evin Jewelry
The Most Precious Jewelry is Your Smile.

Our Story

Evin Jewelry is an online jewelry shop that provides fine crafted 925 Silver or 1000 Silver jewelry.

Evin Jewelry’s story begins in the cultured and centuries-old city of Mardin (Mêrdîn), when brand owner, Evin Baysal first received her silver necklace gift from her grandmother at age of 6. Since then, Evin`s great love of jewelry continued with her ancient family traditions of jewelry. Evin has grown up with this culture and today is willing to bring Quality and Craftsmanship to your doorsteps at her Online Shop, Evin Jewelry. This family tradition of hand & love made jewelry is crafted in Mesopotamia and is introduced to you from California, US with Love.

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